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By Mike Gulitz, CEO

Tip #10 - Reporting

Anything worth doing, is worth tracking and improving. The ultimate benefit of the previous nine essentials, is taking a step back to see how things are going - what i working and what is not working and how you can do things better. Dashboards and reports give the user a 360 degree view of what is happening in the business. The accessibility to information matches the user’s role with the enterprise. Loan officers see their pipeline, Branch Manager see the pipeline of all the loan officers in their branch, and senior management sees all.

Best Practices:

• Schedule reports and dashboards to be sent to you daily
• Crunch the data and set standards for measuring results
• Use data to project  
• Use data to create accountability
• Use data to review performance

By Mike Gulitz, CEO

Tip #9 - Systems Integration

The past 10 years have been called the decade of the App. Many thought leaders in technology believe the next ten years may be the age of the API. This is music to most of our ears, because nobody enjoys rekeying data from a front-end system to middle-system and then again to a back-end system.

Some Samples of Desired System Integration for Lenders:

• Lead aggregation from select lead providers

• Loan Origination Software
 - One-way: Pull data from loan origination software and import to CRM
 - Bridge: Two way data-share
 - Real-time from CRM to LOS
 - Scheduled batch pulls from LOS to CRM

• Push data to point-of-sale systems
 - Optimal Blue
 - Mortgage Coach Edge

Best Practices:

Perform an integration analysis of your current resources and technology systems. Include a data flowchart to determine your start points, end points and branch offs. Key points to consider are:

• Objectives analysis
• Identify any gaps pertaining to objectives
• Milestone implementation strategy
• Develop success metrics for roll out

By Mike Gulitz, CEO

Tip #8 - Document Storage

Store all kinds of files online – from presentations, papers, photos and videos to financials, spreadsheets and taxes. Keep everything organized in folders just like on your desktop.

•  Easy to Use  - Access and manage your files quickly and easily.
•  Access Your Files Everywhere  - Download your files to your desktop. View them on the web. Or, get them on your phone or tablet. Your files can be anywhere you are.

Best Practices:

• Store sensitive documents and link them to the borrower and loan transaction
• Transfer attachments from your email Inbox to CRM
• Easily store scanned documents for future reference

By Mike Gulitz, CEO

Tip #7 - Marketing Automation

Consumers connect with their banks, loan officers, accountants and other financial services providers online anytime, anywhere, leaving digital footprints and behavioral clues that offer a wealth of information. Mortgage professionals struggle to stay abreast of this flood of data at their fingertips. Marketing automation allows businesses in the industry to capture more response data, analyze it, and gain actionable insight into outbound campaigns and inbound website visitors.

Best Practices:

Integrate a step-by-step follow up plan. Use a multi-media approach that includes print, email, annual equity reviews and phone calls.

• Drip marketing
 - Leads
 - Qualified Prospects
 - Non-qulaifiable prospects
 - Clients
 - Referral sources
 - Pipeline reports
 - Co-brand with Realtors

• Mass email to your database groups

• Leverage templates
- Saves time
 - Tracking

By Mike Gulitz, CEO

Tip #6 - Stay Connected with Your Mobile Devices

The best-in-class technology products are either built exclusively for iOS and Android or they have built a version of of their core product that translates to a mobile environment using a vehicle called an App. The latest generation mobile Apps are not only available on iOS and Adroid, the most innovative have built in considerations that leverage other Apps that you are using on your device - like Facebook login, Google Maps, Contacts and email.

Best Practices:

• Start all communication with clients from the CRM App
  - Outbound calls
  - Emails
  - Drip marketing
  - Creates an activity log associated with the contact
• Being mobile is the perfect time to review reports and dashboards - See more details in our tip on Reporting.
• Use email drip campaigns to avoid drafting emails from scratch
• Assign tasks to yourself and subordinates