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ping_fm_logo 100.jpg allows you to simultaneously post a message to all of your social media accounts from either your IM account, mobile phone or your Ping account. That's right. You post once and posts to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages for you. You can even integrate into your Yahoo Messenger or download the iPhone application.

cuterguyonlaptop 250.jpgPing also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts if you have setup accounts for each of your products, services and/or customer support representatives. Best of all you can control which posts will be distributed to your social media accounts. So you can pick and choose Facebook and Twitter and omit LinkedIn for certain posts. Check it out. It's free and it will save you hours or re-posting if you maintain 20-30 social media accounts.


Congratulations! You made it through the the Top 5 Resources to Build Your CRM Database for Free. Mike Gulitz and the team at MPC hope that you found the information useful. If you are new to social media, time block a little each day each day to begin setting up your accounts. Then, apply these best practices on a consistent daily basis and watch your CRM database grow.

You may also want to research social media sites beyond Flitter, so I have included a link to an exhaustive list of social media websites from Wikipedia. To view the list, click here: http:// Stay tuned for more great CRM best practices from Mike Gulitz and the team at MPC. You can learn more at or subscribe to the mpc Blog at

Tip #4 - Blog Like a Big Dog

Blogging has seen a strong comeback since the advent of social media. The challenge of promoting a blog has been made much easier with the audience of friends and followers that
writers and industry experts have been able to attract for free using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the growing list of other online communities. Now you can write your latest blog entry and post a link to it using a tool like Gist or These services will post your message to every social media account that you have built and maintain on the web in just seconds.

If you have a Flip Camcorder or Webcam, you can record a short 5-Minute video, tip of the day or coaching message. Post it to your blog directly or by uploading your video to a free service like YouTube. Then, simply copy the HTML code generated after the upload is complete to your blog page. You will be able to regularly post live video on your website hosted by YouTube.

If you are new to blogging, check out the following free sites to get started:

iStock_000010784239Small200.jpgCRM Tips:

• Add an email template to your CRM inviting each of your new prospects, partners and clients to read your blog.
• Broadcast new posts from your CRM email to drive traffic and track openings.
• Create an additional field called "Blog" on the contact pages of your CRM near the Client's address, phone number and email address. Copy and paste your partner or client's Blog URL into the new field.
• Add a "My Blog" group in your CRM for your subscribers to your blog or RSS feed.
• Add "My Blog" to the list of lead sources in your CRM. Track the leads and inquiries that you receive from your blog subscribers.

You may be wondering how many bodies you will need to hire to maintain all of these social media accounts. My guess is you are not in social media and must maintain other means of revenue to build a successful business model. Don't worry. It's time to share some of my favorite short-cuts with you.


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