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Manage your day-to-day activities and communications, plan and execute the most effective forms of Sales Force automation on the planet today.

Mortgage Planner CRM provides a flexible and on-demand mortgage solution that can be easily tailored to your specific business goals.

Mortgage Planner CRM

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Grow Your Business

Mortgage Planner CRM's built-in follow-up systems keep your business on track.

  • Grow your refinance pipeline

    Use your refinance opportunities report and alerts as prompts to reach out to clients who are prime candidates for refinances. Even if they choose not to proceed, you’ve solidified your relationship by educating them about their mortgage options.

  • Never miss new business

    Take advantage of business alerts, notifications and reminders to contact prospects about opportunities that are relevant to their needs. This can include everything from new mortgage programs to criteria changes that may affect their ability to qualify for a mortgage.

  • Establish yourself as a valuable resource

    Send clients annual equity reminders and notify them about mortgage milestones as a way to both keep them informed and strengthen your value as a trusted resource. You never know when a communication will result in new business or a hot referral.

  • Have client documents at your fingertips

    Mortgage Planner CRM ensures you have ready access to borrower transaction history, information that may prompt you to reach out to clients with new loan or refinance options. The more you know about your clients, the better you can tailor mortgage opportunities to meet their needs.

  • Customize your follow-up activities

    Use customizable groups and drop-downs to schedule follow-up communications with specific clients, e.g., those whose loans closed five years ago or who have mortgages with interest rates over six percent. You can also employ this functionality to communicate with groups of prospects, such as people you met at a particular networking event.

  • Never outgrow your system

    Whether you have 100 people in your database, or 1,000, you’ll always be able to follow up with them in a seamless manner due to the scalable nature of your CRM system. Add as many contacts as you can; your follow-up efforts will never be adversely affected.

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Team Accountability

Mortgage Planner CRM keeps your team on the same page with real time accountability.

  • Easily keep track of your loans

    A visit to your dashboard will provide a quick pipeline summary of the status of your outstanding loans. You and the members of your team will always be “in the know,” so you can keep clients up to date about their mortgages and address any glitches in the process.

  • Dig deeper for more detail

    From your summary page, one click will take you to a detailed list of all the interactions occurring with each purchase or refinance transaction. If you like “one-stop shopping,” you’ll love having access to all your mortgage details in one place.

  • Eliminate double data entry

    Import loan files into your CRM system from Calyx or Encompass every day without having to spend valuable time manually making entries or updates. Your information will always be current, and you’ll minimize the time it takes to accomplish that.

  • Be on top of all your loans

    Since all mortgage updates occur in real time, and are captured in reports and dashboards, you can rest assured that the information at your fingertips is the “latest and greatest.” This eliminates the need to track down your team members to receive status reports and facilitates accountability on their part.

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Systems & Organization

Mortgage Planner CRM incorporates best practices for mortgage originators.

From helping you manage your time and juggle multiple “balls” to having access to client information and communicating with your team—and more—technology has transformed the way mortgage professionals do business. Those who are most successful will take advantage of the best systems and organizational tools to work smartly and as efficiently as possible…like Mortgage Planner CRM.

  • Organize your day

    Make the most of every minute by using the calendar management feature in your CRM system to schedule appointments and keep you on track. Prioritize your activities and set reminders to ensure you’re always where you say you’ll be.

  • Assign and track tasks

    Never again wonder who’s working on specific mortgages or how they’re progressing. Use your CRM system to delegate work based on available bandwidth and stay up-to-date on how things are going to ensure no task gets overlooked.

  • Quality time with quality prospects

    Adjust your schedule to ensure you’re spending your valuable time with the prospects most likely to become mortgage clients. Time is a commodity that must be effectively parceled out to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Track Loan Progress

    Use the loan progress checklist to ensure you’re on track with every mortgage loan. Using CRM means never inadvertently skipping a step or failing to perform a required task in a timely fashion.

  • Follow-up more efficiently

    Schedule specific blocks of time to carry out follow-up activities using CRM, rather than leaving them to chance. The more organized your days are, the more likely you’ll complete all the items on your daily to-do list.

  • Streamline meeting scheduling

    Use your CRM system’s team calendar to schedule meetings, so everyone knows when the group will get together and they can plan other activities accordingly. This function also makes it easy to schedule recurring meetings, i.e., 4-5 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month.

  • Enjoy access flexibility

    Access your CRM dashboard 24/7, from your mobile device of choice, iPhone, iPad, Droid, or Blackberry. Whether it’s the middle of the night, or you’re on the go, you can always access the information you need to support your time management efforts.

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Workflow Automation

Mortgage Planner CRM incorporates best workflow practices for mortgage originators.

  • Automate your sales and loan processes

    Gone are the days when you had to remember to manually follow through on the many steps involved in making a sale or closing a loan. Use workflows to automate routine tasks in the mortgage process; just schedule when you want them to happen.

  • Manage any business process

    Use CRM automation to manage the processes that used to take up so much of your time: sales, marketing and mortgage status. Free yourself to focus on other business-building or revenue-generating activities.

  • Build sophisticated multi-step processes

    Create custom processes using CRM that integrate with any system, without requiring assistance from IT experts. Workflow tools are only valuable if they save you time by doing exactly what you need them to do.

  • Quickly automate your business processes

    You don’t have to be a computer genius, or even have access to an IT department, to be able to effortlessly automate your business processes using Mortgage Planner CRM. You’ll be prompted to provide all the information necessary to get started, and the software does the rest.

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Mortgage Planner CRM's analytics give you a 360 degree view of your business at all times.

  • Quickly access business information

    The easiest way to get the insights you need to make smarter business decisions is by having quick access to relevant information and supporting data. Mortgage Planner CRM enhances your ability to get answers to challenging issues, something that can make a big difference in your performance.

  • Use easy analytics reports to get ahead

    Are you wondering how to improve lead flow, or conflicted about what activities you should be focusing on? Your CRM business analytics tools allow you to get answers to these questions—and more—and share them with instantly with everyone on your team.

  • Target your efforts

    Determine your various spheres of influence—Realtors, neighborhood connections, past clients, etc.—and then tailor your marketing messages appropriately. Prosper as a mortgage professional by understanding the importance of personalized communication.

  • Manage your day

    Use Mortgage Planner CRM to easily prepare a quick report to prioritize your daily tasks, ensuring you work as effectively and efficiently as possible. Never wonder what you should do next; just consult your task list.

  • Focus on referral generation

    Quickly find your top 10 referral sources in your CRM system, so you can focus your outreach on these valuable contacts. Make sure you’re spending your time wisely, communicating with those who’ve proven to be most beneficial as sources of new business.

  • Clarify the big picture

    With CRM analytics, it’s easy to get insights on important questions, collaborate in real time and make the best business decisions based on having a clear picture of what’s working well and what needs to be addressed.

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Mobile App

Mortgage Planner CRM gives you complete mobile access.

  • Be productive when you're out of the office

    Quickly access your tasks, calendar, contacts, dashboards, and more in the cloud from your mobile device, so you’ll never miss a step when you’re in the field. You’ll basically be taking your office with you, wherever you are, when you take advantage of the power of Mortgage Planner CRM.

  • Work in real time

    Review up-to-the-minute account activity and information so you can offer the most benefit to mortgage clients. While there’s value to having access to historical events—which you have—most people are interested in knowing what’s happening right now.

  • Exceed response expectations

    Timing can be everything, and you can provide yourself with a competitive advantage when you respond to hot leads and client requests immediately. Your CRM system helps you demonstrate how time-sensitive you are over and over again. No one likes to be kept waiting!

  • Track your goals

    Regularly access your dashboard on your favorite device so you always know how close you are to meeting and exceeding your goals. When it’s time to celebrate, your CRM system will let you know right away.

  • Enjoy on-the-go success

    Make use of the fact that you have instant access to your client data, and you can update records on the fly, look up maps and directions, and respond immediately to leads and requests. No one ever needs to know you’re not in the office when you harness the power of Mortgage Planner CRM.

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Communicate better with chatter

  • Enhance Collaboration

    Using Chatter on your mobile device will make you and your team more collaborative and more productive, which will help you win more business. Share insights, offer suggestions and make sure everyone is “in the know.”

  • Generate status updates

    Consider Mortgage Planner CRM’s Chatter as your team’s personal Facebook, without all the extraneous unsolicited information. Ask everyone to post their status so the whole team knows who’s working on what.

  • Give your business a boost

    Because status updates are seen on Chatter in real time, they offer an opportunity for team members to respond immediately with helpful insight. You’ll never be “going it alone,” but will have instant access to recommendations from trusted resources...thanks to CRM.

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Social Contacts

Keep track of your social accounts and contacts all in one convenient place.

  • Enhance your relationship development

    Keep all the social information about your clients and partners in one place, along with all the traditional information you need to sell effectively. The more you know about your contacts, the greater chance you have to establish long-term relationships with them.

  • Access information at your fingertips

    Use your CRM system to quickly access clients’ addresses, Zillow appraised values, and other information that can provide you with a way to start or maintain a dialogue. Being informed is a great way to differentiate yourself from other mortgage professionals.

  • Be socially aware

    Your powerful CRM system allows you to see your contacts’ activities on social media sites, check their titles on LinkedIn and find mutual friends on Facebook. By communicating with them on a more personal level, and exploring commonalities, you increase the chance that they’ll look to you when they need a mortgage.

  • Follow the buzz

    As your relationships build, all interactions between your contacts and your team are tracked in one complete 360 view via Mortgage Planner CRM. Everyone can learn a lot by following team activity, including who’s having the most success with relationship development.

  • Never outgrow your system

    Whether you have 100 people in your database, or 1,000, you’ll always be able to follow up with them in a seamless manner due to the scalable nature of your CRM system. Add as many contacts as you can; your follow-up efforts will never be adversely affected.

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Automated Birthday Emails

Never forget your client’s special day.

  • A Perfect Day to Stay-in-Touch

    With one simple click, you can turn on automated birthday emails. You’ll never miss the opportunity to send birthday wishes to your clients again. Mortgage Planner CRM’s automated system will send out a birthday email to every client...forever!

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Automated Marketing

Mortgage Planner CRM's automated marketing system is the centerpiece of your relationship management strategy.

How are you filling your pipeline? Do you have a system in place to efficiently track your mortgage prospects? Are you differentiating yourself as a trusted resource who adds value before and after the sale? Optimize your marketing efforts by harnessing technology in a way that benefits clients and makes you look like a superstar...with Mortgage Planner CRM.

  • Measure and expand your business

    Track leads throughout the sales process and get access to all kinds of metrics, including lead volume and pipeline strength. Stay on top of your sales statistics to ensure you’re on track to attain (or surpass!) your growth goals.

  • Track your referrals

    Get a snapshot of where your referrals are coming from, and see which ones turn into leads and sales. Use that information to ensure you’re appropriately connected with your best referral sources.

  • Target your efforts

    Determine your various spheres of influence—Realtors, neighborhood connections, past clients, etc.—and then tailor your marketing messages appropriately. Prosper as a mortgage professional by understanding the importance of personalized communication.

  • Create borrower opportunity reports

    Show potential clients that the American dream of owning a home is within their grasp by outlining their financing options. Borrower opportunity reports are based on current rates, so they never go out of date.

  • Provide annual equity review reports

    Add value for past clients while keeping your name in front of them by sending information regarding their current equity position. This may prompt them to think about selling, refinancing or referring a potential buyer or seller to you…while cementing your position as a valued resource.

  • Send post-closing appreciation packages

    Celebrate this big milestone—buying a home—by providing each client with a card and gift that’s completely branded to you. Sending this special closing gift demonstrates that you care about clients after the transaction and serves to further solidify your relationship.

  • Remember clients' birthdays

    Demonstrate you care about maintaining an ongoing relationship by using reports and reminders to automatically generate personalized greetings on clients’ birthdays. Everyone likes being feted as they turn a year older.

  • Stay connected with cloud computing

    Since your marketing tools and reports live in the “cloud,” you can access them anytime, from anyplace that has an Internet connection. Need to check on something from a beach in Hawaii? At 2 a.m.? On Christmas? No problem; your CRM system has it covered.

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Comprehensive Email Delivery Platform

Mortgage Planner CRM has built-in marketing campaigns for every aspect of the sales process.

All email delivery platforms are not created alike. While they all provide you with the ability to easily communicate with current, past, and potential clients as well as referral sources, you can differentiate yourself by choosing one that offers full personalization options, professionally written campaigns targeted for specific target markets, and the most efficient reminder system…Mortgage Planner CRM.

  • Send branded email messages

    Personalize your emails with your photo, logo, and contact information to support your branding efforts and ensure they’re graphically memorable. Choose text or HTML formatting to ensure all recipients can view your messages.

  • Use high-impact proven templates

    Ensure your messages don’t go unnoticed by utilizing visually interesting, professionally designed templates that have passed a rigorous testing process. First impressions are important; your message is more likely to be read if it’s presented in an eye-catching way.

  • Communicate professionally

    You’ll never be at a loss for words when you use email marketing verbiage that’s created by professional writers. A strong message, delivered succinctly via compelling language, will get you the results you desire.

  • Use emails for specific situations

    There’s no need to “reinvent the wheel” when you use email to communicate with clients, i.e., sending a needs list, requesting missing documents or updating loan status. Choose the appropriate template from your CRM system and your message goes out in seconds.

  • Enjoy message and design flexibility

    You may be perfectly content to use standard copy and design templates most of the time, but you also have the option of personalizing both the message and look of your emails. All content is editable and the design is customizable.

  • Benefit from endless options

    You can choose from any of our campaigns or create your own—it’s the best of both worlds. We’ve tried to anticipate your every need with our standard templates, but you can also use our platform to communicate your own unique mortgage-related messages.

  • Send mass emails in seconds

    Choose one of our email templates or send your own email in a few seconds to your entire database or a group of contacts. It’s never been so easy to get your message out to everyone you know or to a targeted subset.

  • Facilitate effortless personalization

    There’s no reason for recipients to know you’re sending them a mass email. Use the salutation personalization feature to evoke a one-to-one feeling that can help strengthen your relationships with everyone in your database.

  • Support your branding efforts

    Communicating with large groups of people presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen your brand. All your mass emails include your logo and contact information, and are a great reminder of your mortgage expertise.

  • Maintain a constant presence

    Drip email campaigns are the perfect way to stay in touch with leads, prospects and clients. Sending messages that provide valuable information and communicate a marketing message will ensure your mortgage pipeline stays full.

  • Stay in clients' lives

    Don’t disappear after loans close; use your CRM system to send clients monthly emails for two years to ensure they don’t forget you. You may choose to ramp up your follow-up efforts by adding a concierge package, sending gifts and greeting cards for three years (or more) after their closing.

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Email Integration

Sync with MS Outlook & Google Gmail

  • Eliminate data entry duplication

    Using the power of CRM, there’s no need to re-enter contacts from Microsoft Outlook; just sync your software, and voila, all your contacts are in both databases. Save time by not having to perform regular updates to ensure your lists remain current.

  • Work from one calendar

    Do away with the possibility of forgetting to update all your calendars by syncing them, so when you add a meeting or event to Outlook, it automatically appears in your CRM calendar. Never again forget a commitment.

  • Maintain an email tail

    With just a few clicks, you can use your CRM system to transfer and archive email from Outlook or Gmail into relevant client history files. Enhance your efficiency by being able to review all client communication in one place.

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Manage Files & Documents

Mortgage Planner CRM gives you quick, centralized access to all client documentation.

  • Create a central repository

    Store, share and quickly access all mortgage-related documents in one place, including loan applications, approval letters, forms, etc. While paper isn’t likely to disappear from the loan process, having ready access to electronic documents via CRM allows you to work smarter and faster.

  • Respond quickly to clients' requests

    Dazzle lenders and clients alike by responding to their document requests with lightning speed. Everything you need is just a click away.

  • Run more efficient meetings

    There’s no reason to wait until you’re face-to-face to produce documents that require review. You can send them to your clients or prospects in advance of meetings via your CRM system, so they can come armed with questions after having time to digest the documents.

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MPC to EDGE Integration

Free upgrade for subscribers who also use Mortgage Coach EDGE.

  • Send out Mortgage Coach EDGE presentations at lightning speed.

    If you are a Mortgage Planner CRM subscriber who also uses Mortgage Coach EDGE, you’ll love this free MPC upgrade. When you generate an EDGE report, a link to the report is automatically saved in your Mortgage Planner CRM contact record. EDGE reports are at your fingertips in seconds, ready to send to the client at lightning speed. Plus, you eliminate the double entry of data! Simply contact your MPC Support team to turn on this time-saving function.

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Reffinity - Referral Partner Tracking

Stay in touch with referral partners & evaluate the performance of your referral relationships.

  • Evaluate referral relationships

    Referral relationships are essential to your loan origination business. Reffinity gives you an overview of which relationships are high-payoff activities, tracking the number of referrals received, number of referrals deep, and the total number of loans closed in volume/units.

  • Send automated updates

    Reffinity sends automated “Thank you for the Referral” emails to your referral partners, and follows up with scheduled customized reports. You can efficiently keep each referral partner updated on the status of every loan, with one convenient scheduled report.

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Other Key Features

Mortgage Planner CRM includes many other ammenities, including personalized support.

  • Gain instant access to zillow

    Use your CRM system’s Zillow app to give you a quick “Zillow estimated home value” for any prospect. You can target mortgage pitches more accurately if you know prospective clients’ current situations, such as the value of their home.

  • Generate valuable reports

    Produce reports using Mortgage Planner CRM that track important data such as business expenses, revenue, referral income totals and sales/business history. Get a handle on what you’re spending, what you’re bringing in and how much revenue you’re generating from referrals, as well as how sales are tracking over time. You can even track your expenses per client, per business contact or per transaction.

  • Integrate with Google Apps

    Cut down on duplicated work by integrating your CRM system with Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar and more. This also ensures you have access to the information you need to provide the best service to clients in an efficient, timely manner.

  • Expert migration and setup services

    Feel at ease if you’re transitioning from another CRM system, as our team will facilitate the migration process and set up your system so you’re ready to go. You definitely don’t need any tech expertise to get started with CRM.

  • Get live customer support

    You never have to go it alone. If you have questions or need help, reach out to our live customer support. Trained experts are available by appointment between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Pacific Time to address any issues you may face.

  • Free online training support

    If you’d like some formal training in your CRM system’s functionality, we’ve got you covered. We offer free online training sessions that provide both a general overview and focus on specific system uses.

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  • Getting Started:

    Purchase a subscription of Mortgage Planner CRM powered by, or, if you are already a customer of, the Mortgage Planner CRM application can be purchased for any edition.

  • Customization:

    MPC consultants and developers can work with you and your team to create additional enhancements, fields, and custom reports to Mortgage Planner CRM, to help you reach your highest levels of success.

  • Integration:

    MPC personally guides you through development of the automated workflows and reports, which will allow you to more efficiently measure and manage your business.

  • Pricing:

    Contact us at (888) 771-7672 x 1 or for more information.

  • Data Migration:

    MPC can work with you to export borrower data from your LOS, eliminate duplicates, and prepare your database to import into the Mortgage Planner CRM. MPC makes the transition seamless and stress free.

  • Contact Us:

    Questions? (888) 771-7672 email:

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